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iBot offers the perfect solution for restaurants to streamline operations, ordering, engage customers, and drive profitable growth with its two-way WhatsApp chatbots.

Introducing Percentage-Based WhatsApp Fees

Elevate Your Restaurant with our Chatbot App – Uniting Automated AI Responses with Tailored Flows.

Pay per use! Our pricing links WhatsApp fees to your restaurant’s order volume.

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No inflexible monthly fees, completely devoid of hidden charges.

Transparent and flexible model ensures you only pay for the value you receive.

iBot Empowers Restaurants

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Automate Orders

Automate order confirmations and updates. Free up your staff to focus on delivering exceptional service.

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Valuable Customer Feedback

Understand customer needs and preferences through direct interactions with your chatbot.

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Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Elevate brand awareness, promote specials, drive sales with personalized messages.

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Valuable Customer Feedback

Build loyalty, attract new patrons with convenient communication and easy access to information.

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With iBot, Restaurants Can:

1. Enhance operational efficiency:

Cut costs, streamline workflows, and automate manual tasks.

2. Elevate customer satisfaction:

Provide a personalized, engaging, and convenient dining experience.

3. Amplify sales and revenue:

Stimulate more orders, boost average order value, and generate higher profits.

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Additional benefits to highlight:

1. Integrations with popular restaurant POS systems:

Seamless data transfer, order management, and easy integration with your existing systems.

2. Multilingual support:

Reach a wider customer base and cater to diverse needs by communicating in their preferred languages.

3. Advanced reporting and analytics:

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, campaign performance, and popular menu items.

4. Restaurant-specific features:

Table reservation management, online ordering, delivery coordination, and more.